sexta-feira, 12 de junho de 2020

Version 2.039

Today I got a message from my neighbor who is doing crisis nursing in New Jersey. She extended her contract until the beginning of August and, so far, knock on wood, she is Covid-free. I cannot fathom being such a positive person as she is, but I suppose a lot of it is driven by some sort of faith in God that I do not possess. But it is nice that there are people like this; the more diversity of thought and experience, the more resilient the ecosystem.

I continue struggling with taking care of Julian's paw. He has done two rounds of antibiotics and anti-inflammatories, but he still has a blister between two of his toes. He apparently does it to himself by licking the paw so much that it becomes irritated. I have him in a Pro-collar, which he does not appreciate because it is uncomfortable for him to lie down. I have caught his sleeping while sitting down several times.

It is quite hilarious that he can balance himself and sleep at the same time, but then again that's what I did when I went to Paladar, in New Orleans, and I felt sick. I only woke up to go to the rest room to throw up, then returned to the table, sat down, and closed my eyes. My friends were very impressed, although they swear that the reason why I got sick was that I stopped at a gas station in Mississippi, on the way to NOLA and had fried chicken on a stick.

Even the other day, when I told that episode to my neighbor, she was appalled that I would eat at a gas station. The only thing that is safe to eat there are things that come in a wrapper, she informed me. I did not tell her that, in Memphis, one of the best sushi places is at the gas station on the corner of Poplar and Ridgeway. But that issue of gas station food has been resolved, since I cannot have gluten or rice anymore.

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