sábado, 16 de maio de 2020

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Fridays are those days that seem to arrive too soon, yet by the time they get here, one is completely pooped and the week does weigh on us. I miss my ugly desk at the office. At least my back did not hurt as much and I had two computer screens. This afternoon, my neighbor Mike had another one of his balcony concerts. I hardly knew any of the songs he covered, although some were his own, so it's hard for me to know them. I left $40 in his tip bucket, since I also wanted a t-shirt and they are $20 each.

Later on, I met a new neighbor, who had been at the concert. It turns out she's the lady who is always doing work in her front flower beds. I do see her work, which is pristine, if a leaf or flower is bent the wrong way, she just clips it; but I only remember seeing her once before and that was long enough ago that I would not recognize her. She and I talked while I was walking Julian, as it just so happened that I was wearing the Soludos shoes that have a Boston terrier, that looks exactly like Julian, even though he's a French bulldog. Both breeds are a cross between terrier-type dogs and English bulldogs. Anyway, she mentioned my shoes, which I got yesterday and the selling point that the marking people dreamed up was that they are conversation pieces.

Julian made a fool of himself because there were other dogs walking around, so he kept jumping and being obnoxious. It is odd that he acts like that outside, since he is almost a little angel when he's inside. He escaped through the front door, while I was leaving to go to the concert, since my hands were full, but I called him and he came running into my arms immediately. It is so odd that he is this obedient because Alfred would just run off and want us to play chase with him, which was a pain. Alfred was a perfect dog in all other aspects.

I must say that when I got Julian, he was completely wild and did not know how to behave. He did not even understand why one would ride in a car. Now he thinks that car rides lead to pet day-care, where he plays with this friends, Starburcks for puppuccinos and baby bell cheese, and walks in the park. He has been completely Frenchified.

At night, I felt like watching a movie. Well, I felt like watching a French movie, but I did not search very well. Instead, I watched a South African movie that had part of the story in France. I don't think I had ever spent this much time listening to Africans, so that was interesting. Toward the end, I almost thought that the story line was going to turn into "Os Maias," but a more wholesome, or shall I say less perverted, ending ensued. It was a very cheesy movie, but the photos of the actors and crew during the credits were interesting.

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