domingo, 24 de maio de 2020

Version 2.020

I just saw tomorrow's cover of the NYT. It will have the names of 1000 victims of Covid-19, which is about 1% of the almost 100 thousand people that have died in the U.S. In the beginning, I had this idea that it would not become widespread. We'd work really hard and stop it; but soon I began to quash my hope with the reality of the numbers: there were too many carriers for it to be stopped. I remember being in that limbo, that time when one could feel the divergence from the old normal, almost like the time-space continuum was splitting in two and we entered the one where bad things happen.

Even still, I think about how fortunate we have been to have fairly good supply chains for food and access to medicine that mostly works. Every once in a while I remember how sick people used to be bled in order to remove the demons that caused illness. Was that not a highly effective way of eliminating the weakest people? One cannot know how many people died from the cure, rather than the disease, but those that survived, those were truly exceptional specimens of our race.

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