domingo, 11 de outubro de 2020

Version 2.160

"This bill makes sex look like church." That's how Republican Sen. Mike Lee of Utah described the coronavirus legislation that is being discussed in the House of Representatives. I am glad the prudes of Congress are thinking about sex while people are going without jobs. Although their explicit rationale for not passing the legislation is their own jobs, since the GOP is concerned that they will be voted out for spending so much money. I actually think that they are trying to lose the election on purpose because they don't want to deal with the big mess that they created. Good for them...

During the day, we hosted the remnants of Hurricane Delta, so lots of rain and some wind. I was surprised by how little coverage it got, given that it made landfall in Louisiana, so it could've been serious for New Orleans; however, the storm moved on pretty quickly, so that was a good thing. Obviously, one person who did not give a hoot was the President. I can't believe people in the affected areas vote for him, but they do, so I guess they got what they deserve.

We are 25 days away from the election and, next week, we will be able to vote early and in person in TN. I will wait a few days and do so, as I want to avoid the early crowds. Five days ago, more than 4 million people had already voted, which compares to 75 thousand early votes by that time in 2016. I think that we will have record participation this year, which just shows you that despite all the craziness that Americans endure, they also understand that, if the country is not doing well, it is because of who got elected, so if they want a different outcome, they need to vote accordingly.

Trump may win the election because of the Electoral College, but one cannot say that this President is popular or that he has the support of the majority of the people. He is one of the most unpopular Presidents, as the American people has shown over and over again in public demonstrations, some of which having broken participation records. Democracy is alive and well these days and people will continue working until he is brought down.  


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