domingo, 18 de outubro de 2020

Version 2.167

The weekend is halfway through and much has been accomplished. We started with a fridge full of veggies and most have been cooked into soup, roasted delicata squash, roasted cauliflower, beef stew, breakfast smoothies, and avocado toast. Yesterday, we went to the Dixon, Burke’s bookstore, and finished the evening with dinner at the Alchemy—we ate at a table outdoors along the sidewalk. 

At the restaurant, the most surprising thing was that we had to check in online and give our information so that the restaurant could do contact tracing, if they needed. The menu was also online and we accessed it by taking a photo of a QR code, which was stuck to the table, with our smartphone. After dinner we picked up Julian from day camp at PetSmart Hotel. He’s still tired today, but we managed to do a portrait session with him.

We went to Palladio Garden to look at water fountains for my garden and saw quite a few ideas that looked interesting. Next weekend, they have their Christmas open house, which might be a good excuse to visit again. 

Tomorrow, we have scheduled meeting some friends for a boat ride in the Mississippi after lunch and dinner at the dock to see the sunset. Julian might need to spend the day and night at the pet hotel, since we will not be back in time to pick him up by 6:45 PM. My plan is to take hot chai and Brazilian cheese bread for dinner. For a pandemic weekend, it has not been bad at all.

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