terça-feira, 3 de novembro de 2020

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We have been wishing for tomorrow for the last four years and the day is finally upon us. That each of us, despite our insignificance, believe that we can make a difference and, together, make up the millions who sustain the idea on which this country was created is almost a fairy tale. It is the thing of books and films, so many times fiction, so few times reality -- certainly a dream for many of us who decided to become a part of this people voluntarily. Together we write and live history.

Over 98 million people have voted early and, given the delays in reporting due to the large turn out, it is very likely that that is a low estimate and the actual number may be north of 100 million people. That is record-breaking on its own, but it is also indicative that once every one has voted, the turn out of this election will leave all other elections in the dust. Michael McDonald, the University of Florida professor who leads the U.S. Elections Project, estimates that over 160 million people will vote in this year's election.

If that ends up being the case, then the voter participation rate would be 67%, the highest in over 100 years. Of course, 101 years ago, more than half of the population was not allowed to vote, as the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, the Women's Right to Vote, was passed by Congressed in 1919 and ratified by Tennessee, the 36th state to do so, in August of 1920.

Now, a century later, women have been doing the same ground work: campaigning and organizing themselves to make their voice heard and, this time, to tell the world through their vote that Donald Trump is not fit for the highest office in the land. 

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  1. Primeira coisa que quis ler hoje (antes de miúdos acordarem) foi este teu texto. Que primeiro parágrafo!
    Não sei se tenho pouco termo de comparação ou não, mas daqui deste lado do mar fico mesmo contente por este teu espírito de como para os imigrantes é tão importante o voto.
    Não quero ser desmancha-prazeres, mas.... Qd abri os olhos hj (7 da manhã de dia 3 em PT) o meu primeiro pensamento foi precisamente para vós, os milhões que estão a votar em massa contra o Trump e a viver toda a tragédia civilizacional da covid.
    Hope you hang in there.

  2. *hang in there, I mean hope you keep doing ok (nao sei porquê, soou-me mal 'hang' neste contexto).

  3. *mistake, today is 4 NOV 08h00 a.m. in PT!
    Já não sei a quantas ando...


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