quinta-feira, 23 de fevereiro de 2017

Um terrorista, sff!

Da CNN (ênfase meu):

"One of the ways the White House hopes to make its case is by using a more expansive definition of terrorist activity than has been used by other government agencies in the past. The senior White House official said he expects the report about the threat from individuals the seven countries to include not just those terrorist attacks that have been carried out causing loss of innocent American life, but also those that have resulted in injuries, as well as investigations into and convictions for the crimes of a host of terrorism-related actions, including attempting to join or provide support for a terrorist organization."

Ou seja, se não há terrorismo dada a definição actual de terrorismo, muda-se a definição até haver terrorismo.

"First, some intelligence officials disagree with the conclusion that immigration from these countries should be temporarily banned in the name of making the US safer. CNN has learned that the Department of Homeland Security's in-house intelligence agency, the Office of Intelligence and Analysis -- called I&A within the department -- offered a report that is at odds with the Trump administration's view that blocking immigration from these seven countries strategically makes sense.

It's not clear if this was the conclusion of the I&A report but many DHS officials have said they do not think nationality is the best indicator of potential terrorist inclinations."

Bom, bom, seria a nova definição dizer que quem é nacional daqueles sete países é, por definição, terrorista. Problema resolvido!

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