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Quem com o ferro fere, com o ferro será ferido?

In court papers Melania filed on Monday as part of a libel lawsuit against the parent company of the Daily Mail, she said that the British tabloid and web site, by falsely reporting that she had once worked as a prostitute, caused the first lady to miss “major business opportunities” and “multimillion-dollar relationships.”


For students of good government, Melania’s lawsuit does have an upside: the discovery process.

Since she is seeking at least $150 million in damages stemming from missed business opportunities, the lawyers representing the Daily Mail should eventually avail themselves of their discovery powers to secure each and every e-mail, communique and document about White House business prospects that the Trump parents and children discussed. They should also subpoena the Trump family’s tax returns and banking records while they’re at it.

If President Trump isn’t inclined to release his tax returns or be more transparent about his business dealings, then maybe the courts can help him along.

Fonte: Timothy L. O'Brien, Bloomberg

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