quarta-feira, 20 de maio de 2020

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On Sunday evening, I found a furuncle between Julian's toes. It had just formed, so it was bright red and had not yet burst. He began to be somewhat lethargic, which I assume was from the pain. I remembered that Chopper one time had a cyst above his eye and the vet advised to put a warm wet washcloth over his eye twice a day, which I did religiously until it went away. I thought about doing that for Julian, but first did a quick search online to find out more.

One of the therapies recommended is to soak the foot in warm water twice a day. I add some essential oils that have antiseptic properties to the water. The ones I use are bergamot, eucalyptus, and lavender. The latter two also have calming properties, so by the time I finish giving Julian a massage, while his foot is soaking, he's usually pretty calm and ready to sleep. I don't let him walk as much and about 80% of his walks are done in a stroller, which he seems to enjoy. This evening, he must have been feeling better because he was pretty active and even a little mischievous.

I will drop him off at the vet tomorrow. I wanted to do it on Monday but they had no appointments for two days. And there I was feeling sorry for them, thinking that they were probably not having any pets come in and it turns out they are booked solid. Somebody told me that pet adoptions are up, since so many people did not want to be home alone during the quarantine. I hope people will look after their pets and do not abandon them once our situation improves.

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