terça-feira, 14 de março de 2017

Casados com o Trump

'Taxpayers in counties that backed Trump would see an annual windfall of about $6.6 billion, a Bloomberg analysis of Internal Revenue Service data shows. In counties that backed Clinton, it’d be about $21.9 billion.


Trump voters in Rust Belt states expressed some frustration about the potential cuts for the wealthy, even as they remain supportive of the president.

“It pisses me off, but my wife pisses me off, too, and we’re still married,” said Dan Peuschold, 62, as he shared a $13 pitcher of beer with friends Saturday afternoon at the Hiawatha Bar & Grill in the Wisconsin village of Sturtevant.'

Fonte: Bloomberg

Talvez o ser pobre e o escolher políticos que os prejudicam não sejam frutos do acaso...

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