sábado, 12 de dezembro de 2020

Version 2.222

Second day of Hanukkah, the festival of lights. I did light the Hanukkiah again.

As I predicted, the SCOTUS has refused to hear another case regarding the election. The lawsuit was from Texas and the court dismissed it saying that the plaintiffs lacked standing. It is kind of funny that Texas, a state that is always complaining about the federal government overreaching its power, now wants to decide how other states should conduct their elections.

It has become quite apparent that the court of Justice Roberts tries to keep things above the fray and, so far, so good. On December 15, we shall see how the Electoral College will vote. I suppose that many Trump supporters have an inkling of hope that the presidential electors will go rogue. I do not blame them because four years ago, I too held on to that fantasy.

We, Portuguese, are about to make a fool of ourselves during our term ahead of the EU. I can already imagine the Prime Minister doubling down on his insults of the Dutch to try to bully them into allowing the EU to send more money to Portugal in the name of solidarity.

What solidarity can we invoke considering how much money we waste in corruption? And what moral ground will we have asking money from other countries who have lost far more people than what we say we've lost? We went into the pandemic saying that we were the economic miracle of the EU; they should just tell us to get on one knee and start praying.

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