segunda-feira, 14 de dezembro de 2020

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The Christmas tree is finally done. Perhaps it is the pandemic, but it felt like an undesirable chore at some points. I don't remember it being that difficult last year and this year I don't even know if I am happy that it is done. Perhaps, I have been working too hard and have little patience for anything else.

One of my friends asked if she could drive from Houston to spend a few days at my house, like she did last year. I did not make her feel welcome, so she gave up on the idea. She is too restless and is always going out to events in museums, galleries, concerts, sailing club, etc. Although she wears a mask, I don't think a mask is enough. You have to wear a mask and curtail contact with others to lower your probability of getting this virus. If you wear a mask and continue with business as usual, you will have a higher chance of getting sick.

Yesterday, there was a party in the gazebo of the neighborhood. People were outside, trying to be safe, obviously, but as I walked by, I saw some of them hugging each other. It is not safe to hug each other, even if you are outside. That should be pretty obvious by now, but there seems to be some cognitive dissonance going on. Not just here, everywhere.

The other day I had an argument with my nephew because I saw him hugging some of his classmates. He says he's being very careful, he trusts these people, yadda, yadda, yadda. We shall see how this will end up, but I told him that each of us has a responsibility to society to try to stop this disease from spreading. Trusting others is our weakest link: that's how this virus spreads from person to person.

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