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Homem à beira de um ataque de nervos

Rex Tillerson, Secretário de Estado dos EUA -- nós não temos Ministros, temos "Secretaries" --, teve um ataque de nervos à frente do pessoal de Donald Trump. Durante o seu "ataque", acusou a Casa Branca de criar fugas de informação que comprometem a sua imagem. Na notícia do Politico lê-se:

"The encounter, described by four people familiar with what happened, was so explosive that Kushner approached Peterlin afterward and told her that Tillerson’s outburst was completely unprofessional, according to two of the people familiar with the exchange, and told her that they needed to work out a solution."

Fonte: Politico.com

Parece que o problema é que Tillerson está mal acostumado e acha-se um grande carapau de corrida:

"It was the loudest manifestation yet of how frustrated Tillerson is in his new role. He has complained about White House attempts to push personnel on him; about the president’s tweets; and about the work conditions in a West Wing where he sometimes finds loyalty and competence hard to come by. Above all, the former ExxonMobil CEO, accustomed to having the final word on both personnel and policy in his corporate life, has balked at taking orders from political aides younger and less experienced than he is."


Tillerson’s frustration with White House meddling began early and has been a persistent issue. “He went into this with a very negative attitude towards the White House,” said a former senior State Department official familiar with his thinking, who recounted that during the transition, Tillerson opposed a candidate proposed by Trump’s team simply on the grounds that Trump’s team was proposing him.

He has sometimes conducted talks with potential job candidates without telling the White House, said one person familiar with his actions. Tillerson has told senior officials that Trump promised him autonomy, and that he wanted it, according to people who have spoken to him.

Fonte: Politico.com

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