sábado, 13 de junho de 2020

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I took the afternoon off, so as to not spend as much time working on the computer. One of my dorm friends suggested that I should just get surgery to fix the carpal tunnel syndrome; but I think not. I depend on my hands for work, so I should just learn to take better care of them before the problem gets too far.

The afternoon was nice and I mainly chatted with the neighbors. At 7PM we had a balcony concert in the neighborhood, courtesy of my neighbor Mike, who also streams it live on Facebook. He's been doing one about once a week. The weather was just perfect: not too hot, not too humid. This time at least five families were present, so afterward we chatted for a bit.

I got invited to a dinner tomorrow night at one neighbor's house. It's a barbecue and let's just say that it will be rather decadent. The menu includes chicken wings and stuffed jalapeño poppers. Note that the jalapeños are stuffed with a mix of cream and cheddar cheeses and wrapped in bacon. I almost feel a heart attack coming as I type it...

Oh, I also was contacted by two different recruiters this week, so I got to talk to one of them this afternoon.I find it surprising that so many companies were hiring -- my company also hired someone recently and there's a few more positions in the works --, but I believe that the labor market was so tight, that companies that are in good shape are trying to take advantage of this opportunity to hire highly skilled people. If the person got unemployed because of the virus then that will save on the entrance package, probably, since they won't have to match non-vested retirement savings.

I ended up recommending a couple of former coworkers for the positions. I hope at least one of them gets something.

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