quinta-feira, 18 de junho de 2020

Version 2.045

On Saturday, I FedExed my nephew's birthday present to Portugal. It cost me $220 to send, but it arrived today, one day before promised. I did not have to deal with the hassle of the Portuguese Customs, as it entered the EU via France and FedEx took care of everything. I suppose this is the way to go and, as far as I am concerned, the Post Office can go out of business and I shall be a happy camper.

I mentioned to my neighbor my adventures with the Portuguese customs and she, in her most American way, inquired how people in the customs' office find the time to harass the citizens -- wouldn't they have other things to do? I suppose they do not, if some of us are FedExing packages via France.

On our evening walk, we ran into one of the board member of the Homeowner's Association, who asked me if I'd be interested in serving on the Board. I would not have voting rights, since I was not elected, but I'd have an input, plus he said that they were looking for a female perspective. I said OK, I'd do it, but I still wanted to be involved in the social committee, which I believe will be the most interesting.

Of course, this means that in, no time, I will know a lot of people in the neighborhood. It will be hard to lose that anonymity one has when one is a newcomer, but it does not last forever, I suppose...

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