segunda-feira, 13 de julho de 2020

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I am always sorry to see the weekend go. Since May of last year, rather than taking long vacations, I had been spending my time on shorter trips over long weekends. It is probably the wrong approach to use up my vacation in this way, as weekend trips mean that I hardly have any idle time when I don't do anything. Instead, I am always on the move, or planning something. A rather hectic lifestyle, even if the weekends are spend on enjoyable things. Then the other disadvantage is that you never really disconnect because you are always getting back to work. Thus, in hindsight, I should have spent a couple of weeks in D.C. last February. Oh well...

For this weekend, I had intended to work on being more aware of my cognitive biases, at the request of my counselor, but I failed to get around to it. Instead, I read quite a bit, which was also one of my goals when I started working with a counselor, as I was having trouble concentrating on things beyond work. I finished the third volume of Miguel Torga's diary and I started "Não percas a Rosa."

I also started another book called "How to Find Love in a Bookshop." I have no idea why I bought this book a while back, although if one thinks about bookstores, one thinks of love, since I love books and bookstores, and that seems like a good enough reason. I started reading it simply because I can give the book away once I read it, although it is a Penguin book. I am on page 62 out of 339. Not bad for a single sitting. I also have another one of these called Paris by the book. I know, the title is lame.

The cardinals have been trying to mate in the garden, so the two of them kept going back and forth, while talking to each other. I realized how ignorant I am because I have no idea how these creatures sleep. It seems the nest is just for babies, but I cannot figure out their routine outside of that. I shall have to do some research on it. The female seems to be a lot more in-your-face than the male. The male would check on the humans, but the female really got close to see if we made any sudden moved that could be perceived as threats. I just held my breath and pretended not to care.


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