quinta-feira, 23 de julho de 2020

Version 2.080

There is a frog or toad outside begging for sex. I suspect that he wants to use the water fountains as a tadpole maternity without my permission. I hope he doesn't get laid, at least here, or I shall spend the rest of the pandemic taking care of tadpoles.

Apart from being very busy at work as I prepare to take some days off, I feel like nothing worthy of attention is going on in my life. Well, I can complain about the two books that I purchased online from Bertrand, which have been stuck in Lisbon, under the care of CTT, for the last 6 days, tracking number EE718633271PT. When did I purchase the books? Ah, that was July 3, but one had to be ordered from the publisher, so that delayed everything. At this point, I am wondering if they'll ever make it.

On July 6, I also bought a The Portrait of a Lady, via Bookdepository; that too has yet to arrive, but it's supposed to come all the way from Australia. It was dispatched on July 12, so maybe all my books will arrive at once. That would be interesting. But I hope the employees who are handling both orders are safe.

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