sexta-feira, 17 de julho de 2020

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"A tua fama longe sua e mais depressa a má do que a boa." That's one of the Portuguese sayings that I used to collect, writing them down in a notebook, which I started in eighth grade. I am often reminded of the sayings, as they are cautionary tales, almost, although some are contradictory. But this one is appropriate today, as an American friend told me about something that he heard from a Portuguese friend. His Portuguese friend has a wife that works at a company that received government support because of Covid-19; however, her boss has not paid her a salary for about three months.

I told my friend that it would be very easy for the Portuguese government to find wrongdoing in the disbursement of Covid-19 aid, as they could cross-check the names of the companies that received aid with the employee income taxes that the company reports to the government, but I suppose such is not being done. I am a slightly annoyed that the Ministry of Finance finds the resources to harass me for money I do not owe and, yet, does not give a flick about tax evasion of people who actually owe money and also commit fraud.

There was a funny picture on Facebook today. Apparently, a Portuguese minister was inaugurating some recycling bins. Someone needs to call Donald Trump and make that suggestion. I am certain he'd be all over it.

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