quarta-feira, 15 de julho de 2020

Version 2.072

I spent a big chunk of my day at the periodontist, where I had an appointment at 7:20 AM. I left about three hours later. Yesterday, they had emailed me a questionnaire to fill out before I went it, but today they did not ask any questions. After I parked, a receptionist came to the car and was going to check my temperature and have me fill out some paperwork in the car, but then told me that I could go in.

In hindsight, I should've stayed in the car until they were ready for me, but since the office had just opened, I figured it was not too risky to be in there for a few more minutes. Plus, I had a fabric mask with an air-conditioner filter cutout as an insert, which is actually better than the masks other people were wearing. But at some point, I did become too anxious as other people started arriving and asked if I could wait outside.

I am scheduled to have surgery on July 24 and my treatment will last about 9 months. Nine months and I get no baby... The story of my life. Then later in the day, I started to wonder if my doctor will become ill. Then how am I going to finish treatment? I'd better not get my imagination get the best of me.

Then, in the afternoon, I had my counseling session. My counselor is going to refer me to long term therapy. I'm supposed to start working out again and try to be more active, but also more mindful. My homework is to do some of the relaxation and mindfulness exercises. I also need to call one of my neighbors who does personal training at home, to see if she'd like to work with me. And I need to start doing yoga again. Of course, none of this applies during the recovery period from the surgery.

It feels strange to be planning things, but it's the new normal for now.

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