terça-feira, 6 de outubro de 2015

Portugal, o reformador?

Portugal é o tópico de um editorial da Bloomberg, que diz coisas assim:

Politicians in Greece (and other economically struggling European nations) take note: Voters will put up with painful economic reforms so long as the remedy seems to be working. For the past four years, Portugal has been striving to honor the terms of the 78 billion euro bailout it received in 2011 from the International Monetary Fund and the European Union. Its efforts have made it a star reformer among Europe's struggling economies.


Coelho's government has instead put in place labor-market reforms -- cutting overgenerous redundancy payments by more than half, for example, and giving small employers more flexibility in collective bargaining negotiations. Tax reform, with an emphasis on simplification and cuts to corporate rates, is helping as well. These changes were needed to improve competitiveness and boost jobs. Voters seem to have understood that they must be given time to work.

Fonte: Bloomberg

Acho que nos pintam muito melhor do que o que somos; dá a entender que reformar o mercado de trabalho era a única reforma necessária. Esta reforma até é do ministro da economia anterior, ou seja, nos últimos dois anos parece que não se fez nada que tivesse visibilidade. Temos uma sorte bestial, mas a sorte não dura para sempre: a demografia não perdoa!

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