sexta-feira, 21 de outubro de 2016

Estão convidados!

Para ver os discursos humorísticos do Alfred E. Smith Memorial Dinner, no qual Donald Trump e Hillary Clinton tentaram ser engraçados. Não que o Donald precise de tentar muito, mas, para ser original, também foi vaiado.

"The dinner’s namesake, Smith, was New York’s 42nd governor and the nation’s first Catholic presidential candidate. He was known as “the Happy Warrior” for the good humor with which he railed against political adversaries.
As has been the custom, the audience of 1,500 was dressed in white-tie formal attire. They paid $3,000 to $15,000 per person, raising about $6 million for Catholic charities that will give services to impoverished New York children, according to Joseph Zwilling, spokesman for New York’s archdiocese."

Fonte: Bloomberg

Na peça da Bloomberg, a parte mais engraçada -- para mim -- foi esta:

"They dined on a “seafood trio” of king crab salad, lobster cocktail and lobster roll, followed by beef, “cheesy polenta” and red cabbage and desserts that included red velvet cupcakes and dark chocolate praline. Clinton sipped chamomile tea and left a lipstick mark on her cup; Trump had glasses of Coke. Neither ate their desserts."

Fonte: Bloomberg

O sumário:

O discurso de Trump, que falou primeiro:

O discurso de Hillary, que falou depois de Trump:

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