segunda-feira, 30 de novembro de 2020

Version 2.210

Tomorrow I return to work and I'm already half on. How else does one explain checking USDA's export sales report before going to bed...

I surprised myself today when I realized that I am not very excited about Christmas or even setting up a Christmas tree. I do want to celebrate Hannukah by lighting the menorah, though. It feels that people are using Christmas as a way to escape the pandemic, but I want to have it present in my thoughts, even if only to think about those who have and will succumbed to the disease and to wish them well.

Much of the second wave could have been avoided if we had had competent leadership and, yet, in many countries people are speaking of it as if it were set in stone, as if this was not the product of our own failures, but some sort of fate. It does not even feel that we are living in the twenty-first century.

I do not know if Mr. Biden's election will be able to lift all boats around the world in this sea of ignorance and incompetence. It is also hard to imagine that the large number of casualties will not have any political consequences; but then I think of all the centuries in which misery flourished. Our time is unique, but it it not necessarily inevitable.

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