segunda-feira, 2 de novembro de 2020

Version 2.182

I feel the noose around our collective necks getting tighter by the hour. One tries to be hopeful, but it is hard to remain so in 2020. At the grocery store today, lots of shelves were getting empty. I don't know if it's people afraid of the virus or the election. It is nearly impossible to escape the violence, since the President himself incentivizes it. If anyone still needed a reason to stay home, I guess this is it. 

Some Republican activists in Texas petitioned the Court to try to toss over 120 thousand votes that were cast via drive throughs in Harris County, where Houston is. Drive-throughs had been tested earlier in the summer and had not been challenged in court, but now they are. It does not seem like the Texas Supreme Court is sympathetic to the plaintiffs, but we'll see which way the Federal courts lean tomorrow morning.

The hour changed today, so I had 25 hours to spend, but it does not seem like I accomplished that much with the extra-time. Worrying about the election wears you out.

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