terça-feira, 10 de novembro de 2020

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Well, Mr. Trump has started to lay off his staff. I am not sure how that is going to serve his transition work, but leaving the White House in complete disarray is probably in his plans. If that is the case, then it's probably for the best that Joe Biden was VP four years ago and has some understanding of how a White House is supposed to work.

Not all is bad. Opportunity Insights is a research group at Harvard University that has been analyzing the effect of the pandemic on the U.S. economy and the Biden team has met with the researchers, so they have a pretty good grasp of the state of the economy. The other promising aspect is that, since the U.S. was rather experimental and agressive in its monetary and fiscal response to the pandemic, there is data showing what tools worked and what didn't, so any policiy going forward will be more intentional and will likely maximize it's benefit-cost ratio.

Of course, the big rub is going to be the Senate and whether it will remain in the hands of Republicans, who'd rather play political games, then pass policy. Today, Mitch McConnell, who will likely be the Senate majority leader gain if the GOP retains the Senate, congratulated Republicans on winning several races, while at the same time casting doubt on the outcome of the presidential race. It's one of those logical flaws in which the Trump supporters trip: if there had been election fraud, then the outcome of the non-presidential races would be as much questionable as the Presidential one, since everyone votes at the same time on everything.

I wonder if Mitch McConnell is of Portuguese ascendancy. His logic skills sure seem Portuguese. But maybe he's just trying to engage the GOP base for the runoff elections for the Senate in Georgia.

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  1. Aha. Eu como sou portuguesa acho que ainda não entendi bem essa tua piada sobre a nossa falta de lógica 😂.
    Por outro lado, há um certo conforto em ver o mundo ou a vida de uma forma menos racional.

    Anyhoo...Por acaso hoje lembrei-me que se calhar até foi mesmo muito bom que as teorias dos maluquinhos das conspirações tenham entrado para o Congresso. Muito melhor que sejam escrutinados na praça pública e que os seus argumentos (ou falta deles) estejam à vista de todos, do que continuarem a ser alimentados no submundo da net...
    (ou então, é apenas um pensamento positivo tolo influenciado pelo bom sol e céu azul que nos põe um sorriso na cara 😏)

    1. "ainda não entendi bem essa tua piada sobre a nossa falta de lógica"
      - É factual no seguinte sentido:
      the power of rationalization, this counterfeit of reason, is one of the most puzzling human phenomena. If we were not so accustomed to it, man's rationalizing effort would clearly appear to us as similar to a paranoid system. The paranoid person can be very intelligent, make excellent use of his reason in all areas of life except in that isolated part where his paranoid system is involved. The rationalizing person does exactly the same.»
      [Erich Seligmann Fromm (1900-1980)]


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