domingo, 8 de novembro de 2020

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Mr. Biden has been declared the winner. There was a palpable weight that lifted upon hearing the news. In Silver Spring, MD, a place that I know very well, shoppers at an outdoor farmer's market just broke into dance at the news that Mr. Biden had won the election. I received messages from one of my friends who is from Mexico, but has American citizenship, telling me what a great day this was and he knew that I'd be as happy as him. Another friend from Mozambique called and we spoke for an hour. I sent a message to one of my friends in India to congratulate him because Kamala Harris is the first Indian-American VP. And finally, this evening, I got together with friends to celebrate with champage. Tomorrow, we shall continue. We are almost free, although these next few weeks will certainly be difficult. It is close to 2 A.M. and I am tired, but very happy.

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  1. "Mr. Biden has been declared the winner." By who? The media? By Jove!!!...



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