sexta-feira, 6 de novembro de 2020

Version 2.186

Still no President yet, but things seem to be as smooth as one might hope for. I have seen indication that three lawsuits by the Trump campaign have been kicked out of court for not having merit to proceed, so the judicial system is working very swiftly. Imagine a Trump in Portugal: if he sued, we'd have to wait years to know the outcome. America might not be perfect, but the system works and the parts that don't work tend to improve over time. A more perfect union is a project for the future, not some glorious time in the past that we must return to.

Numerous times, I have thought about what Donald Trump means when he says make America great again. It is a good country, but it has never been great in the sense of easy. Americans have always had to work very hard for everything they have: they are workaholics, they are never satisfied, and they tend to be a bit obsessive. Life is seldom great, but for a few and even for these, many times the way up the ladder was hard. It has always been good for Donald Trump, though. Maybe he wants to resurrect his father so that he has someone to bail him out.


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  1. Ui..... Não posso deixar de comentar outra vez.... See the EU justice scoreboard. Portugal is not so bad as it used to be in what regards slowness of justice. There are even good indicators in A2J.... Lot of work to be done yet, but still....

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  3. Since there was no contact from you, I presume you are not interested. I deleted the above.
    Stay safe and continue to take care 😊

    1. Eu respondi, mas não sei se recebeste a mensagem. Tentarei outra vez.


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