quarta-feira, 30 de setembro de 2015

Entretanto, no reino da Dinamarca...

Alguma coisa cheira mal--são os défices. A Dinamarca está a reavaliar a sua política ambiental. Como há défices, o ambiente que vá para as urtigas. Olha se a moda pega, daqui a nada Portugal repele o imposto dos sacos plástico e volta-se a usar aqueles plásticos mais amigos do ambiente.
As the world looks on in disbelief at Volkswagen’s emissions scandal, Denmark is pushing through policies that will undo the previous administration’s efforts to steer consumers toward environmentally friendly vehicles. One involves extending Denmark’s 180 percent levy to all cars, regardless of their emission levels; another concerns a special tax on Nitrogen-Oxide emissions, which are generated from burning fossil fuels and are more abundant in diesel than gasoline cars.


Denmark’s move marks its latest shift away from measures that had once put the Scandinavian country at the forefront of innovative policies designed to promote renewable energy. The three-month old government has already said it is abandoning ambitious CO2 emissions targets and dropping plans to become fossil-fuel free by 2050. That policy shift was revealed on Sept. 2, the same day U.S. President Barack Obama made a global appeal for urgent action to fight climate change.

Frederiksen argues that tough decisions need to be made against the backdrop of a widening budget deficit.

Fonte: Bloomberg

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  1. Leia-se Bjorn Lomborg no seu "Cool It" (Presidente do Consenso de Copenhaga); Marlo Lewis Jr, John Casey...Carlos Molin, John MacIntosh, entre muitos outros.


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