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Comédia Económica

É Carnaval, ninguém leva a mal! Yoram Bauman, o primeiro e único economista "stand-up", tem um lista dos 11 artigos mais engraçados na História da Economia. No topo está um de Axel Leijonhufvud, intitulado “Life among the Econ” (1973). Aqui vai um excerto, que é muito fidedigno a descrever a realidade dos economistas (um antigo professor meu, que trabalha na área de Microeconomia, uma vez disse-me "Macroeconomics is like voodoo"):

[S]tatus is tied to the manufacture of certain types of implements called “modls.” The status of the adult male is determined by his skill at making the “modl” of his “field.” The facts (a) that the Econ are highly status-motivated, (b) that status is only to be achieved by making “modls,” and (c) that most of these “modls” seem to be of little or no practical use, probably accounts for the backwardness and abject cultural poverty of the tribe.

The dominant role of “modl” is perhaps best illustrated by the (unfortunately very incomplete) accounts we have of relationships between the two largest of the Econ castes, the “Micro” and the “Macro”… If a Micro-Econ is asked why the Micro do not intermarry with the Macro, he will answer “They make a different modl,” or “They do not know the Micro modl.”

It would be to fail in one’s responsibility to the Econ people to end this brief sketch of life in their society without a few words about their future. The prospect for the Econ is bleak. Their social structure and culture should be studied now before it is gone forever.

Fonte: Leijonhufvud citado por Bauman em 250 Words.com

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