domingo, 7 de fevereiro de 2016


"THERE’S SOMETHING UNDENIABLY charming about Manuel Pita’s “lonely houses.” His Instagram is full of colorful structures that stand alone against a big, blue sky. It’s fun to imagine who lives in them, and what they think about it. “Each house has a little story,” Pita says.

Pita, who goes by moniker Sejkko, lives in Lisbon, Portugal. He began photographing the houses two years ago while visiting Cacilhas, a small district in the city of Almada with a scenic view of Lisbon over the Tagus River. There he saw a red house that resembled an “architectural strawberry” with a pale blue sky behind it. He was fascinated and had to snap a photo. “Something clicked in me, and the click was transferred to the camera in my phone,” he says.

Fonte: Wired, 2/3/2016

Mas eu apresentei-vos o Manuel primeiro...

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