terça-feira, 6 de outubro de 2020

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The President is back in the White House, sick, but back and has removed his mask to show what a great guy he is. I was talking to someone who's in DC and was told that early in the day, there had been talk of using Tuberculosis legislation to keep the President in the hospital, since it would be considered a precedent for infectious diseases and, if there is a people that loves precedent and protocol, that would be the American people, pre-Trump, that is. I guess that plan went the way of good intentions: to hell.

We are in the middle of one of the greatest failures in U.S. national security. Not only is the President ill, but several of the White House staff are also infected. If the country were to experience a terrorist attack, we'd be adrift at sea. History will not look kindly upon our times.

From here I believe there are two outcomes that are likely: the President gets worse or the President decides that he will carry on with his campaign, coronavirus be damned. It does not seem like he will be abiding by doctor's orders, nor will he change his behavior. The reason why all of these White House folks got ill was that he made fun of people who wore masks in the White House. 

How can a germaphobe be so lackadaisical about coronavirus? It is mind boggling.


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