quinta-feira, 15 de outubro de 2020

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Idealism is alive and well in America! People are enduring long lines to vote early and in person, as they do not trust that voting by mail will be problem-free, given that the President has said that there is voter fraud. The Post Office has also had a few incidents that have people questioning whether they are up to snuff. Next week, I will vote. I did not want to go first thing, but my plan is to vote early and in person. 

Today was the last day of Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s hearing. She’s as good as confirmed, which will increase money donations to the Democratic Party, plus it acts as an incentive for people to vote. Once she is part of the SCOTUS, Roberts will become less of a conservative. And I have a few questions about Kavanaugh because, every once in a while, he does vote liberal, as if he’s giving the finger to his detractors. 

Well, the country is in a bit of a mess and many of these people have to pick a side because History is calling. Even William Barr’s inquiries are coming out empty-handed or being postponed until after the election, like he realizes that the President is on the way out. If Trump does lose, it will be interesting to see where a lot of these people will end up  Barr is going to enjoy retirement, but those that are of working age will have a hard time getting jobs. People are mad and they’ll boycott companies that hire them.

I would not be surprised if Trump had to declare bankruptcy again. And I also have a feeling that Ivanka Trump’s reputation and businesses will be damaged.  Neither Democrats, nor Republicans, can risk her eventually running for office and hijacking the GOP like her father did. It is more likely that the Trumps will be treated like weeds.

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