quinta-feira, 22 de outubro de 2020

Version 2.171

Another day in the surrealistic Trump Republic. FLOTUS Melania Trump is not campaigning for her husband maybe because she does not enjoy it, maybe because she and their son tested positive for coronavirus, so she doesn’t feel like hanging around people. 

President Trump is being sued for defamation by a woman who alleges he raped her in the early 1990s and the Justice Department has taken over his defense. This is clearly a personal matter, but even if it were not,  the POTUS cannot be sued by defamation, thus it makes no sense for the Justice Department to defend him and yet...

Over these last few months, Trump has used government resources for his campaign, which is a violation of campaign finance law, not to mention that he benefits personally from conducting government business in his own properties, a violation of the emoluments clause in the Constitution. We know where this is going: if he survives the election, there’s plenty of options on how to impeach him again and this time the Senate is not going to save him. 

The overall sentiment is that he is unfit for the job and, at this point, he is no longer an asset for the GOP. I am sure Vice-President Pence would happily pull the rug from under the President, as he has been eager to become President himself. During the impeachment process Pence did his best to act presidential. Still, the way things are going, even if Pence pulls that off, he might end up impeached himself. 

But those are the back ups, the big hope is that Trump loses the Electoral College vote. It is certain that he will lose the popular vote. The GOP will strengthen if Biden becomes President. 

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  1. Interesting case law on strategic litigation....
    Para mim, estas tuas versions são uma sintética Newsletter durante o meu mid morning coffee em Portugal 😊. Gosto.

  2. Por aqui pence é conhecido como um personagem de bed time Story for my two toddlers 😉


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