quinta-feira, 1 de outubro de 2020

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We woke up this morning to an overall sense of impending doom come election day. I suppose many people finally realized that Biden does not have the chutzpah to be the comeback kid the way he did in the Democratic primaries. Of course, nobody was swayed either way by the debate; everyone pretty much knows for whom they will be voting, as both candidates are known quantities. 

One thing was interesting, though. I spoke to some of my friends who are Trump supporters and they were not happy with how the debate had gone, which is odd, since Trump was so dominant. I have a feeling that some of these people want to vote for Trump, but don't want Trump to win -- they want to be able to say "If Trump had been elected, we'd be in a much better place..." Well, Trump has been elected once and one cannot say we are in a much better place. 

Thousands of layoffs were announced today and higher paid workers are the targets. Granted that many of these people have been saving money, but the job market isn't that great. One of my friends in Houston got laid off six months ago and he is still looking for a job. Another one had taken an exit package from his job in New York right around the beginning of the pandemic and ended up going back to work for his dad in the family farm. If there is one thing that gets to the American psyche, it is high unemployment. The longer things stay unclear, the most demoralized people will get.


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