quarta-feira, 14 de outubro de 2020

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I have a friend who always defines herself by the man she is with. And her men are always awesome, the most awesome, until one day they break up and we learn all the shitty things that they did. I hate that in more ways than one. I hate that people would do that to each other, I hate that many relationships end up and the partners are left hating each other's guts. I hate all the pain people have to go through. It just feels like such a waste of emotional energy. Anyway, shit happens an then you die--that's the condensed version of life. 

Today we made a ton of progress tearing apart the garden. The AstroTurf is out and one of the water fountains is getting disconnected. There are still lots to do and sometimes it feels overwhelming, not to mention that I question if I'll be able to implement my vision, but it was a bit stressful having to look at things the way there were. Plus, I bought two dogwoods, which will soon be shipped and I need to prepare things to accommodate them. Dogwoods are one of my favorite trees; I just love them so much that when they start blooming, I drive around town trying to find the best routes to see them.

I managed to give all the extra window curtain hardware away to one of my housekeepers, who has recently moved to a house. I had been lugging that stuff around from house to house for the longest time. I don't even remember exactly which house I had bought it for originally. I think it was in my house in Arkansas almost 10 years ago, but it did not get installed when I moved to Memphis the first time or to Houston since both houses already had hardware. I had over 10 curtain rod sets, so it was probably worth over $300. I am just happy that it is of use to someone and I don't have to deal with it anymore.

One of my next projects is to repot some of the plants that I propagated and also give them to the housekeepers. They have told me several times how much they enjoy my plants, so I would like them to have some of their own. I have accumulated too many, plus they are really easy to care for, which is perfect for beginners.

The SCOTUS decided today in favor of the Trump Administration and is allowing Census work to end about two weeks earlier than originally planned. It is assumed that the big cities, like L.A., Houston, and Seattle, will have the most to lose with this decision, but we shall see.

Another Census case is being considered by the SCOTUS, regarding whether or not to count illegal immigrants. The Constitution does not specify the nationality of the people that are to be counted toward the Census, so it will be informative to see what the SCOTUS will rule. Usually, conservative Justices are keener to hold a literal view of the Constitution.

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