segunda-feira, 26 de outubro de 2020

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My goal for tomorrow is to go vote. We are allowed to take two hours off work to vote in elections, but I don't know if the line is long and it will take more than two hours. However, I only have four more days of early voting, so I really need to get this done, as I do not wish to wait until the day of the election.

What a strange situation to have an election in the middle of a pandemic, but I suppose we should get used to things of this nature every so often. I hope the next incident is not a nuclear war, but I am not holding my breath.

The Arkansas Democrat Gazette, the largest newspaper in Arkansas, the state that gave us Bill Clinton, is endorsing Donald Trump. The Las Vegas Review Journal and the Santa Barbara News-press also endorse him. They are all minor newspapers and they all endorsed Trump the first time around, so it is not surprising. Of the weeklies, the Jewish Voice in also on the Trump bandwagon.

People cannot claim this time around and Trump will act presidential once he's in office, so maybe that will discourage some voters. Speaking of discouragement, there is another coronavirus outbreak in the White House, this time in Vice-President Pence's office. This White House is a freaking disaster. We have never had such clueless people in office.

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