sábado, 24 de outubro de 2020

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Tomorrow's plan is to give away three books: two because I am trying to convert a friend of mine to reading poetry, so I am going to start her off with two books by Pablo Neruda, as they are bilingual and her mother tongue is Spanish. Then shall give an extra copy of a Portuguese book I have to a new friend who is Portuguese and lives in Memphis. Yes, it only took me almost 6 years to find one and the funny thing is that we have acquaintances in common. I am happy to have someone with whom to converse.

I am grateful that today was Friday and the weekend is finally upon us. This week was exceedingly tiring and there were several days in which I worked a little bit extra, which is problematic for my health. For one, I really enjoy my work and I absolutely lose track of time. I can spend hours on end sitting in front of the computer just playing with numbers. This sedentary life is bad for my mobility, but also means that my eyesight is deteriorating due to dryness. I am rather terrible about putting artifical tear drops in my eyes, since I don't really like how they feel.

As I walked into the kitchen today, I realized that I had made a huge mess. I had so many dirty cups that should've been put in the dishwasher and dirty dishes. I don't know why I was such a slob, but it's hard to be organized when you're always so eager to get back to work. But I need to get better.

The U.S. had 80 thousand positive cases of Covid-19 today, which means we are indeed having a Fall/Winter wave, as I had suspected. Most everything is running fairly well now and there has been tremendous innovation along the supply chain and how people conduct themselves in public. Maybe we will not need to have another national shutdown.

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