sábado, 10 de outubro de 2020

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President Trump had a tantrum and refused to participate in the next debate, which would have been held virtually. As such, it was cancelled. Whoever thought that Donald Trump was a political genius has been proven wrong. If he had been said genius, he would have played the part: smiled for the cameras and let things move along. As such, he would've garnered the praise of many people on the left, center, and the Rockefeller Republicans, besides his original base. Instead, he acted like an elephant in a china shop.  

The only thing that can give him a win is the Electoral College, but I would not rule out that some Electors may just vote with their conscience, rather than the will of the majority in the state they represent. After all, the point of the Electoral College is to weaken the tyranny of the majority.

On Friday, Ian Bremmer, the President and Founder of the Eurasia Group, has a really nice review of major events for the week. In today's newsletter, he had an interview with the Greek Prime Minister, who seems to be a very impressive man and quite well spoken and in control. I am happy that Greece is managing the pandemic well: they deserve a break. Other countries should be so lucky. 

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