quarta-feira, 30 de setembro de 2020

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We are stuck between a rock and a hard place. If there is any take away to be had from the first Presidential debate it is that Joe Biden is a terrible candidate. He is too old, lethargic, and his tongue gets tied in knots. Trump is a compulsive liar, but he has spent his whole life swindling people, so he's very good at it. 

Plus, the standard rules do not apply to Trump: he lies and contradicts himself like it's nobody's business. He goes from saying that the Spring shutdown was a necessity and saved a ton of people to affirming with great conviction what a big mistake shutdowns are. Biden can't even connect the dots and push back.

At another time, Trump prods Biden to admit that he's planning on packing the court, i.e., increasing the number of Justices in the SCOTUS--he cannot, only Congress has that power. Biden coyly tries to get out of it. Then when Trump is asked about the election ending up in the courts, he admits that he is packing the courts as much as he can, since Obama left a bunch of openings left to fill. And, yes, he is counting on SCOTUS to give him the election.

Perhaps Biden's funniest moment was when he called Trump a clown, after which he immediately apologized. He should have owned it. He should've said "You're a fucking clown and people are dying because of how incompetent you are!" There, go for the kill, surprise your audience and you adversary! Don't act like a little boy who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

I blame Barack Obama and Michael Bloomberg for our little conundrum. One because he could've convinced Biden to not run; the other because he should've known Biden was not up to par. If this is skill in scouting talent, then how the heck have these two done so well? 

Anyway, the most interesting thing about this election is wether the SCOTUS will agree to decide on the election if it gets appealed. I don't think John Roberts wants to politicize the court even further.

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