terça-feira, 8 de setembro de 2020

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 Today was Labor Day, but it actually felt more like a Sunday than a holiday. There were lots of people out shopping and enjoying the long weekend, which marks the end of the summer vacation season. Tradition says no white clothes after Labor Day, but that has gone out the window. 

Things are lopsided anyway, for example, lots of businesses have filed for bankruptcy, but my neighbor is the manager of a brand new discount store, which is officially opening on the 10th, but has had its doors open just for the sake of employee training and they were really busy today, despite no advertising that the store was open. People just see the parking lot full and customers walking in and they decide to check it out. And even though unemployment is high, it is hard for him to fill the open positions at his store because so many people apply, but do not show up for the interview.

On the election front, without the rallies, there isn't much visibility on what the candidates are saying, but what intrigues me is that I don't see much support for the President from the big GOP figures. It's as if there isn't much interest in helping Trump win. 

Twelve years ago, toward the end of the second Bush term, which also marked the beginning of the financial crisis, the White House staff just threw in the towel. The Bush Administration were so eager to leave, that they even discussed whether Obama could be sworn in before January 20. I have a feeling that something similar will happen after this election. 

Of course, one does not know who will win yet, but Trump no longer has the advantage of the surprise factor and now people  consider him a credible candidate, not just a joke with very little chances of winning. The last three Presidents all enjoyed two term appointments, but it is not the rule, so statistically speaking it would be a very long shot to have another second term. But who knows, 2020 vision isn't what it used to be.

But I am not complaining. Clorofila Azul will soon release a new album, so I will have something with which to entertain myself for a while.

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