segunda-feira, 14 de setembro de 2020

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I am on my one-week vacation, although I still have to take another six weeks of vacation before the end of May--it ain't gonna happen. It also does not feel very "vacationy" considering that my plans got cancelled, plus I don't feel comfortable traveling to big cities as of yet. Well, the glass is half-full: I am safe, which is something that the people on the path of hurricane Sally cannot be certain of. Tomorrow I will go west, to Oklahoma, so I will not be in the way of the storm and I will even skip the rainfall. Today I should have packed, but I just procrastinated and decided to cook instead.

My second package of Portuguese books arrived from Wook. It left Portugal on August 20, so it took about three and a half weeks. That's not bad at all, I suppose, considering that the first package took five weeks. Speaking of buying books, I think that on my trip, I may swing by Half Price Books in Oklahoma City. There used to be a bookstore that I really liked called Full Circle Bookstore, across from Penn Square Mall. I remember buying a Richard Feynman book there.

During my last year of the Ph.D. program, we had an apartment in OKC for a few months. I used to stay at the apartment during the weekends and stay at my in-laws, in Stillwater, during the week. I did not even finish unpacking the apartment, which was for the best, as I ended up moving to Fayetteville, AR at the end of May to start working June 1. Our favorite restaurant in OKC was La Baguette Bistro, which is owned by two French brothers. It has the best chocolate cake in the world, not that I can have any now. Well, I suppose I could, I'd just be sick after. We always had brunch on the weekend at La Baguette and there was this amazing waitress that we adored and we used to give her at least 30% tips.

One summer we went to the film series at the Oklahoma City Public Library and one of the films we saw was "The Stone Reader." It is still one of my favorite documentaries, even though I never got around to reading "The Stones of Summer," the book that it is about. But there is time, as I own the book and the documentary. I really enjoyed that summer and all the cultural activities we did.

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  1. Hoje não resisto a comentar...como assim, not gonna happen as seis semanas de férias?! Aqui em PT só temos 22 dias, 25 no máximo, se tiveres a sorte de ser bancário ou funcionário. Vá, 30 dias, no limite, se acumulares não gozadas de ano anterior.
    (leio-te religiosamente quase todos os dias há uns bons tempos. Já nem sei como vim aqui parar. Fui ficando. Às vezes concordo. Outras nem por isso, mas gosto sp de ler o teu ponto de vista. É, claro, aprecio muito a tua capacidade de escrita sintética e directa. Gosto também da forma como os teus parágrafos reflectem o encadeamento dos teus pensamentos).
    Boa noite (ou boa tarde, aí)!

    1. Não acho que o meu chefe ficaria muito contente comigo e eu também me sentiria culpada, dadas as condições mundiais.

      Obrigada pelo comentário simpático. Os parágrafos andam um bocado confusos porque, às vezes, esqueço-me que estou a escrever em HTML. Antes costumava escrever sempre em HTML e metia as etiquetas, mas o novo editor de HTML é mais chato to que o anterior.



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