quinta-feira, 10 de setembro de 2020

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After a hiatus of about 40 years, I played pinball today. Rah-rah, yay for me! My neighbor has an old 1964 pinball machine that she had repaired and it was delivered today, so I took a coffee break after lunch and she let me play. I told her and her husband that the last time I had played had been in Portugal, when I was a child and my parents would go to a restaurant in Bairrada where they had roasted suckling pig, with really crisp skin. Her husband was very interested in trying out leitão. I should have showed them a picture, but it looks kind of weird.

I don't know of any Latino grocery stores around here, like real ones, where they sell prepared meats. They usually have roasted pig, but it's not the same as leitão. For starters, there is no crackling and the seasoning is different. Still, it is quite good. I used to buy it all the time when I lived in Houston because my house was within walking distance of a Latino supermarket.

The campaign for the Presidential election seems to have started in Portugal. It is absolutely appaling how the media carries Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa. This is not free press; it's a Public Relations machine. Then we have to put up with the public displays of affection between the Prime Minister and the President. Do they jack each other off during their meetings? If they don't, they sure look like they'd like to.

I would like Portuguese women to explain to me why they vote for socialists. I say this because the Socialist Party still has not supported a woman for President, but I suspect it must be the same reason why American women vote for Donald Trump. When I say that I'd like a woman President, many of my friends always ask if a competent man isn't better than an incompetent woman. The underlying bias of that question is that men are competent by default, but women have to prove that they are competent to get the job. I present you evidence otherwise: Donald Trump and Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa. I rest my case.

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