terça-feira, 15 de setembro de 2020

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 I left Memphis at 1 PM and drove about 800 Km west in less than 8 hours. I only made a couple of short stops for gas and a bathroom break in a rest area in AR. From Braga to Faro it is 600 Km and it takes a bit over 5 hours, so it seems to be pretty comparable in terms of speed. The speed limit in Arkansas has just been increased from 70 to 75 mph, so every time I saw a sign, I felt like I was driving in TX. Of course, TX has just increased their speed limit from 75 to 80 mph. Oddly enough, the Apple map did not show the updated speed limits.

Driving between Memphis and Little Rock is usually the most boring piece and this time was no exception, but even from Little Rock to Fort Smith was wicked this time. It’s unbelievable the amount of traffic across AR and then you get to Oklahoma and it’s like you’re in a different country. Well, technically, you’re in a different nation, the Cherokee Nation, which is a 7000 square mile territory in northeastern Oklahoma. Funny enough, during this trip, I noticed how many Native American names there are in OK. 

The sky was a weird shade of blue during the day and some of the people with whom I spoke suggested that maybe it was because of the fires in California and Oregon. It’s hard for people to understand just how massive the U.S. is, especially the bigger states. 

I feel extremely dehydrated, since I did not drink that much, just 24 fl. oz. of tea. Tomorrow, I must do better than that. 

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