segunda-feira, 21 de setembro de 2020

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 I drove back to Memphis today. I had meant to leave mid-morning, but lingered too long chatting with a friend in Fayetteville and it was a bit after noon when I left. Perhaps because it was Sunday and traffic was not as bad between Little Rock and Memphis, I managed to cross the Mississippi River by 5:30 PM. I only stopped once to get gas. 

Julian was super-excited when I picked him up and would not stop snorting. I think the pet hotel staff may have gotten him riled up on the way out. He calmed down later and it was funny to see him lie around his favorite spots around the house. This is truly his house. 

Since I did not stop the mail, my mailbox was almost full. I was very happy to find my updated voter registration confirmation, since I had asked for my address to be updated. Early voting starts October 14 and runs until October 29, so I will try to vote as soon as possible, although I may skip the first couple of days just to escape the crowds. 

Both in Oklahoma and Arkansas, I saw tremendous support for Trump. I did not see a single Biden sign in Stillwater, OK, which is a college town, thus tends to be more liberal. Payne County went for Trump in the last election and I do not expect anything different this time. Even in Oklahoma City I saw no support for Biden. 

Fayetteville, AR, also a college town had lots of signs supporting Biden, but the surrounding towns are more conservative. The rest of Arkansas was full of Trump signs along the highway. It did make me feel rather hopeless, but I suppose the Senate election will be even more important now.

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