sexta-feira, 4 de setembro de 2020

Version 2.123

My neighbors had their yard sodded. I am hoping their underground irrigation system is operational now because twice I have had silt accumulate on the sidewalk in front of my house from them trying to figure out what’s wrong with lots of water coming down the sidewalk. 

They’re very nice people, but the silt is a bit of a pain. I don’t really want to complain to them about it because, a few months ago, they gave me all their hostas, which were probably worth several hundred dollars if I were to purchase such mature plants. 

On a whim, I bought trees for the garden: two dogwood and a mock-orange shrub. I really need to get my ducks in a row and do something, since the current garden layout stresses me out. I also need to call someone to redo the half bathroom, since it is still all torn up from the pinhole leak that was repaired in April, I think. I can’t believe it’s been that long...

I have been seriously thinking about taking a vacation sometime this month—I do not particularly care for September, so maybe a vacation will help it go away faster. At this point, my destination of choice would be the Alabama coast. I have never spent any meaningful time in Alabama, so it would be nice to learn something new. Plus, seeing the ocean again, even if it were just the Gulf, would be good for my disposition. 

During the week that I spent recovering from surgery, I managed to read a book, so I think I could probably read a couple or finish a few that I have started if I took some time off. My iPhone has such low expectations that it congratulates me on the first page I read, saying that I have met my reading goal for the day. Somehow this does not feel like artificial intelligence; it’s more along the lines of artificial naïveté. The other advantage of a vacation is that I really need to do something because, if I don’t, I start to have anxiety attacks, which reminds me, I need to schedule an appointment with a psychologist. 

I am looking forward to tomorrow, since this weekend will be long on account of Labor Day on Monday. It marks the official end of the summer season, the time of year when people start to focus on work and leave their white Summer clothes in the closet.

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