quinta-feira, 3 de setembro de 2020

Version 2.122

Yesterday, I was mean to someone named Walter. Walter is volunteering for the Democratic Party, sending messages to potential voters, so he sends this upbeat SMS asking if they can count on me to vote Democratic all the way down the ballot. I reply “No. Biden sucks.” Of course, he was volunteering on behalf of Texas and I’m no longer there, so my answer was very accurate: no, I will note vote Democratic in TX and, yes, Biden sucks big time. Then Walter asked if this was Rita and I replied “Rita is no longer in TX. An old white man is not a progressive candidate.” 

Later on, I realized that I need to be more careful with these messages because two of my girlfriends in TX are volunteering for Biden and, if I happen to be on their roster, I shall get in trouble. But it is true that I dislike candidate Joe Biden: it feels like I’m back in 1985, but there’s no cute Marty McFly to look at. Heck, I’d settle for Doc, at least Doc doesn’t come across as someone who is about to fall asleep. Which wrong turn in the universe did we take to end up here?

Anyway, since it is election season over here, I went and checked the election calendar for Portugal. It says that in September, we elect the “Conselho das Comunidades Portuguesas.” What the heck is that? We’re in September and I don’t see any news about it. How much money do these people cost taxpayers and who’s running? If only Portugal were a democracy with freedom of the press...

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  1. Consegue dar explicação para o facto de no Massachutsses persistir um número tão elevado de novos casos 19 e de continuar a ser tão elevada a taxa de mortalidade pela mesma causa?
    Podia referir outros estados norte-americanos mas tenho pessoalmente interesse em saber onque se passa com o Massachutsses.

  2. Consegue explicar-me porque razão persiste um número elevado de casos covid 19 e uma taxa de mortalidade tão elevada no Massachusetts?

    1. Massachusetts foi dos primeiros estados a ser atingido pela pandemia, na mesma altura que Nova Iorque. O número de casos e mortes não tem estado muito elevado, mas ultimamente começou a subir ligeiramente.


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