quinta-feira, 17 de setembro de 2020

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 This morning, I went to the Balanced Coffee Co. downtown and had the most delicious vanilla latté with almond milk. I was surprised to find so many people inside, many of them without masks as they were eating or drinking. I just grabbed my drink, which was in a glass and sat outside. The doors were open and the space was rather open and large, so I am hoping that people were safe. 

My personal philosophy is that as long as we control the amount of time one spends in places with other people and keeps those encounters to a few short minutes, the risk of getting the virus is pretty small. Plus, I always have a mask on when around strangers, especially in enclosed environments. Once the temperature cools off, I will stop going to places like this; not that I go this much these days. 

Afterward, I stopped by the bookstore and found a few interesting things--I even bought a José Saramago novel, in English, of course. The bookstore was very quaint, and very pleasant to visit. Next door, there is an antique mall and I also stopped by. The strangest thing happened: while I was going around the different spaces, the store cat showed up and just threw herself at my feet. I confess that I am so used to having Julian do this that I forget other animals also do it.

For dinner, I visited with a friend and the more I talk to people, the more I am convinced that Mr. Trump will win gain. Nobody is enthused about Joe Biden, I have not even seen a single Biden sign, but on Perkins Road, there are a bunch of Trump make American Great signs. Needless to say that both my friend and I felt pretty bummed out that he may win again, but that seems to be the most likely scenario. He does not need that many votes, as he has the advantage of the geographic dispersion of the vote. 


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