segunda-feira, 7 de setembro de 2020

Version 2.126

The first notification I received on my phone today was a recommendation to read a tweet from a young man who says that, as a general rule, women in their 40s who are single or divorced and are alone are clearly alone because nobody wants them. Sometimes I wonder what the artificially intelligent think of me to send me this type of information, but I went ahead and read the discussion. After all, it's Sunday: some people read the Bible, I read Twitter. 

In the replies, quite a few women were upset that this guy would say such a thing; then there were the nice men who thought he was a fool. Both these two groups sounded like they were trying to convince the young man that he had made a mistake.

I thought it was really nice of the young man to state his opinion and quite useful to society. Of course, the one group who did not need the information were the women in their forties. It seems like they have been steering away from him already, which is probably best for both parties.

The rest of my day was full of ideas about finishing the decoration of the house. I hung two curtain  panels that I purchased yesterday at Pottery Barn, but I still need some hooks to hang the other two. I also decided to wash the curtains that Julian had marked and was really happy to have them come out perfectly clean. The only issue I ran into was that, after washing and drying, I had the lovely idea of using the steam cycle to remove wrinkles and I ended up shrinking them about 4 inches. Oops...

My industrious Sunday did not end there. I finally decided to put the collection of nudes on the east dining room wall. I went up and down the ladder to measure everything so many times that I kept thinking that that was a pretty good workout--my walls are slightly over 3 meters tall, which is about two Ritas. There is one piece that is probably one centimeter off, which I measured and then tried to eyeball a slight adjustment, but it is hardly noticeable.

What a difference it made in the space! I cannot stop looking at it and grinning because I am so happy. To kick it up a notch, I went on the Pottery Barn website and bought a leather covered bench to put under the dining room window. There was a 20% off coupon, but I still managed to spend almost $700 after tax and shipping and handling. It will be here late November/early December. Needless to say that I completely forgot about the virtual tour of the Dixon at 2 PM, which was rather unfortunate, but I will try to not miss the next one. I'll ask my artificially intelligent phone to remind me.

I barely read today, so my goal for tomorrow is to settle down and focus on my reading. Still, I got a few pages in of the Mating in Captivity, which I am reading on the iPad. As I started and turned the page, the iPad congratulated me for achieving my daily reading goal, which I assume has been set at three quarters of a page. I know that sometimes I get distracted, but even my most distracted self would not set such a low goal for myself. If anything, I would err on the side of being too ambitious, rather than self-condescending. 

Then a notification on my phone popped up saying that I had increased my screen time for the week in about two hours a day--that's because I've been reading a lot this week and it's an e-book. Little does Apple know that my job is all done on the computer or I'd blow the fuse on their artificial intelligence. 

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