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Um dos nossos gurus...

António Santos, português na Irlanda, é talvez o guru português de social media (podem encontrá-lo no Facebook, no Twitter, e no Linked In). Em Setembro deste ano, deu uma entrevista acerca de inclusão digital ao Irish Tech News. Em Portugal, dado o envelhecimento da população e até a forma como o governo tenta administrar serviços básicos através de plataformas online (por exemplo, recibos de renda, entrega de impostos, etc.), é essencial ter um bom entendimento do tema. Um excerto da entrevista:
What is a digital inclusion manager and what do they do?
I collaborate on cross sector projects in the private and public sectors related to digital inclusion, social media and business intelligence. I am focussed on the analytics, so I use data to help our customers create sustainable and measurement digital experiences. The team also helps our customers engage with clients, potential clients and build communities. Digital inclusion goes beyond accessibility for people with disabilities and is designed at engaging the widest possible cross section of society in life online.

What is neurodiversity?
Neurodiversity is a positive way of addressing the fact that many people’s brains are wired differently. Whilst the term originated in the Autism community it has since been adopted by people with other neurological differences such as Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Attention Deficit Disorders and Dyscalculia. Neurodiversity celebrates the positive aspects of people’s differences recognising that whilst neurodiverse people may struggle in some areas they often have great strengths and talents that need to be recognised and nurtured.

Fonte: Irish Tech News

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  1. A "dyscalculia" é especialmente prevalecente em Portugal, mormente nas esferas governamentais.


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