sábado, 1 de agosto de 2020

Version 2.089

I am a bad European: I miss work. I have been slowly getting into more work mindset, even though I am technically still off. I logged on to the work network today to make a couple of maps because of hurricane Isaias, then my boss reminded me that I had not submitted my performance review for the last fiscal year and not only was today the deadline, he also needed to comment on my assessment and then I needed to sign it and submit it. I did have it all filled out, just not submitted and everything is done online, even when in the office..

My boss mentioned, in his remarks, that I often had an opinion and was not afraid to give it. Take that, ladies. Speak up or forever hold your peace. It is probably not good in the short term, but I have never been an ass-kisser. I am a straight shooter at work. If you act that way, the right people will hire you and your career will progress. It will not happen at once, but over time. Ethics matters. 

Speaking of straight shooter, I had been meaning to refresh the hummingbird food for several weeks, but always found other things to do. Well, a hummingbird today just stood in front of me buzzing its wings, as if to tell me that continuing to be a loser was not an option. I thought him a bit rude. I get to buy his food, prepare it, and make it available and he acts as if he's entitled to my services just because he's cute. I changed the food--I guess I agreed.


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