quarta-feira, 26 de agosto de 2020

Version 2.114

The Museum of Modern Art in NYC re-opens tomorrow, August 27. That's where my favorite painting lives usually, but every once in a while it is on loan, like it was shortly after I moved to Houston and I was able to see it several times. In hindsight, I should have visited it more often. 

On the last day it was in Houston, in 2014, I stood before it to ask when and if we would meet again. Maybe I am silly, but it did not occur to me to see where its permanent home was. I am sure I read it in the description at some point, but it was hard to pay attention to other things, so I did not retain that information.

But in 2018, I walked into a gallery at the MoMA and there it was. Everyone was standing in front of Starry Night, but no-one was standing in front of my painting. The other patrons only gathered around it after I stood in front of it crying, so for a little bit it was just the two of us, like it had been in Houston. Except we were saying hello again, like two old lovers, rather than having to wave goodbye. 

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  1. Parece que os CTT têm lido a Rita do DdD (e/ou vice-versa)

    email que recebi hoje:

    "Grupo CTT elege Portal da Queixa para maior proximidade ao consumidor"


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